Crazy CarToon Beta Devlog

Hello, I'm Lorenzo, CrazyCarToon developer.

I created this devlog to share everything related to first Crazy CarToon Beta  . Here you can leave your comments about your tests with the beta, doubts, recommendations, report errors and your sincere opinion  about the game , and find the beta versions, manuals, news, improvements, errors, etc ...

-To report a Bug make a publication with:

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I'm fixing the latest reported bugs -Loading error at training menu, when race not selected. (fixed in version 0.9.0):


There should be a preselected race when the user enters the training menu, otherwise the user must select a race before clicking on the start button (or else this error occurs). It will be fixed in the next version this week.

In the meantime, if you feel like playing in training mode: 

- First, select an unlocked race.

- After click start button if you want to drive or show button if you want just to watch a race.

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CrazyCarToon Beta 0.8 Info:

Crazy CarToon is a car racing video game with cartoon style . You can play speed race and time trial, improve your car and use weapons against your rivals. 
Winning being the fastest, the most skilled or the most destructive.

Collect rings in the races to be able to buy upgrades for your car. In the garage you can find bodies, wheels, engines, nitros, weapons, defenses, etc ...



Crazy CarToon Beta 0.8 29/08/2017


-Read this document before to play the game.
-This is a FREE Beta version only for tests , sale is not allowed.
-This version may contain errors, thank you for reporting them in the address below


-Windows XP/Vista/7/10 -4 Gb free memory on HDD


INSTALL VERSION (Setup file downloaded)
Run the downloaded CrazyCarToonBetaSetup.exe file and follow the installation steps Once installed it is possible that some operating systems ask to run the program as administrator

Just unzip folder and double click over .exe file and play . Standalone version not need install.


CrazyCarToon Beta can be downloaded at:

Reports & info at:


Crazy CarToon Beta 0.8 by Lorenzo Polo Copyright (c) 50 Bitologic Technologies 29/08/2017 for more info read the Licence.txt file included on the game folder.